BE Camp: The Accelerating Program that Understands Edtech Entrepreneurs

We are looking for blue elephant-like education corporates.

Elephant is among the largest mammals on earth. Education is a massive market that could give birth to great companies of massive sizes.

Blue Elephants are of a new species. The education startups of the future are tech-savvy. They employ the most advanced technologies to extend the frontier and imagination of education.

Elephants' pregnancy takes as long as 20 months, and they also live long. Great education companies often grow steady and slow, and they are built to last. We wish to leverage capital and expertise in the BE Camp to help edtech companies become blue elephants.


    Standardized Investment Accelerator    

Two BE Camps Every Year

A 6-month BE Camp includes:
2-month investment period, 3-month in-depth post-investment service, and 1-month refinancing service

$1.5 million valuation

BE Capital applies a standardized $1.5 million (10 million RMB) valuation and invest $43 thousand (3% equity) or $114 thousand (8% equity)

10-20 BE Community Members

Each BE Camp admits 10+ new portfolio companies to the ever-growing BE ecosystem

    BE Camp's Post-investment Service    



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